Johselm Canto Torres

Owner & Guide
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Whether you’re seeking a challenging adventure vacation or a leisure holiday to soak up the majestic scenery of the Andes Mountains and environs/purlieus, our tours are appropriate for all skill levels. Johselm will make it possible for you.

Son of Econ. Elmer Canto Tapia(From the Aymaras Nobility in Acora, July near to the Titicaca Lake in Puno) and Josefina Torres de Canto. One of the twenty-one grandchildren of Bernardo Torres Quispe-Inga (ex-Mayor of Cachimayo District in Cuzco near to Chinchero) who is great-grandson of Mateo Pumacahua Chiwantittu (Mateo Garcia Pumacahua) hero of Peru and Inca by consanguinity from the Ayllu Chuso (Chinchero), one of the nine Ayarmacas Ayllus; Warlord(Curaca*) of the AYARMACA ethnic group, Unique Royal Mestizo who became Brigade General and President of the Cusco Audience** in 1812 related twice(because his father and later because one of his three daughters) with the Royal Panaca of the Sapan Inca Huaynacapac, Forerunner for the Independence of Peru.

Graduated as a Tour Guide
Specialization Course: Rafting, Trekking, Climbing Management
Bachelor : Mechannical Enginering
Peruvian & Intl.Red Cross: Emergency Brigade Member
Instituto de Estudios Peruanos of Antropology: Ethnohistory; Ethnography;Ethnology
Member of AGOTREKK (Official Trekking Tour Guides Association of Arequipa)
President of AGOTAP (Official Tour Guides and Local Guides Association on Birdwatching & Herpeto-tourism)
English: Fluent