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Organizes + Leads Non touristy; alternatives,Individual, Private,Custumized,Tailors Made TOURS:Social+EcoConcious. Our first goal is not only quality BUT bringing to you memorable/unique for a lifetime experiences, as the best choice is YOU!

Specialized(Ethnohistory+Ethnography+Ancient-Customs + Birdwatching + Ethnology + PlantWisdom/Healing Weeds/Natural Herb or Herbal Medicine); Offering TREKKING TOURS, in AREQUIPA (Colca); CUSCO (Choquequirao-Machupicchu, Choquequirao) & TITICACA LAKE (Sun Island),etc, etc … involving SocialConcious + EcoConcious activity among local comunities in a direct touch & support to locals. In which ones, our groups never exceeds 6 participants+ O.T. Tour Guide; BUT! Some exceptions as close friends group or families. Having as our first goal not only best service quality BUT bringing to you memorable/unique for a lifetime experiences, as we know that the best choice is YOU!


Our guide

Johselm Canto Torres

Johselm Canto Torres

Owner & Guide

Graduated as a Tour Guide
Specialization Course: Rafting, Trekking, Climbing Management
English: Fluent

Our story

We would love to help you realize your travel dreams, cross off those items on your bucket list, or to start a new. Take the first steps towards making your dream a reality!

Specializing in andean guided trekking & hiking tours since 1997,And with all this bagage of experience finally Thaqqinaqqa Uñjjatiri Tour Operator and led by owner Johselm Canto has been created since 2012.

Provides font memories in-a-life-time by taking travellers to local communities sharing ancient andean wisdom heritage; without negative social and environmental impact.

High priority focus assigned on preserving ancient heritage in the meanwhile the locals have the opportunity to get involved when services are provided for each destinations.

Enhancing sustainability, social responsability and improving locals lifes quality.

Socialconscious, ecoconscious, maintainable/supportable/sustainable/ responsible – individual/personalized/customized & tailor made journeys/Tours.