Due to the payment to local people(owners of the inns, camping sites, etc) always is in cash because are based on isolated áreas(even not easy to reach, no mobile conecction) where we will stay overnights, eat, etc and all of our tours are off the beaten tracks and because time used during the agreement and the booking,  you had to thought carefully and  had watched out that any situation may  had  should not  delay and/or invalidate and/or cancel your reservation, and as we always ask only for a downpayment of the 50%; there will be not refund back, and last minute cancellations too(NO SHOW), because of the tour cost, transportation expenses, accomodation & meals penalties, and other fees. There is no refund for unused tour portions. In the other hand we will give to you the oportunity to move your booking dates –under our conditions- 6 months considering from your side and the weather broadcast with no extra cost, in the case that you want to move from 7 months to 1 year also it is posible but with a 25% charge of the total ammount Price of the tour. Cancellations must be received in writing to


Thaqqinaqa Uñjjatiri Trekking Tour Operator, EIRL. or its agents act only in the capacity of agent for the passengers, tour members, in all matters pertaining to travel or accommodations whether meals, rail, bus, boat, cable car or any other means of conveyance. They shall not be liable for injury, damage or loss occasioned by neglect or default of any Company or person engaged in conveying the tour, any hotel proprietor, car rental organization or other persons supplying services or materials in connection with the tour. Thaqqinaqa Uñjjatiri Trekking Tour Operator, EIRL reserves the right to withdraw a tour or make changes to the published itinerary at any point should conditions warrant, or if deemed necessary for the comfort (of the trekking tour: route, or grade of difficulty), convenience or safety of the tour guests. Thaqqinaqa Uñjjatiri Trekking Tour Operator, EIRL. is the principal and is coordinating (please that is the reason we ask for whatsapp number (+51 987 976 343 in case any emergency will happen during your arriving time …e.g. most of the time bus arriving from Huacachina, Nazca or Pisco Never ever arrive to Arequipa at 11 pm it is over 2am so cost of expenses for the transfer will increase if the free worry transfer service will be since 18:00hrs) the ground arrangements for all accommodations, services, and programs as constituting the tours. The tour participant waives any claim against the tour operator for any damages to or loss of property, delays, acts of God, injury or death of persons, substitution of equipment, beyond the control of the tour operator.

Please! you will be visiting the flat highlands of an undeveloped country not a comfy modern one so we encourage to do not drink water from the tap, even not for brushing teeth. We are making all our effort for giving you a real experience touching the true peruvian life and not all frontfacade preapared for tourists only, also be conscious that you will get into the wilderness areas as the colca canyon(in the canyon specially during the rainy season), choquequirao and others where you wont be able to  have electricity and the local comunities are isolated (just hot water is luxury!), so powerbanks IT IS A GOOD IDEA!, also keep on your mind that trying different stuff as a meal even if
these ones will be very clean however will present some inconveniences because you do not have the natural antigens.

If adverse climatic conditions exist or external events disturb or alter the normal course of the country, Thaqqinaqqa Uñjjatiri Trekking Tour Operator reserves the right of cancellation of the tour or part of it, or the modification of its content, always in the best interest and security of the travellers.  If the tour has been initiated, the traveller will additionally pay the expenses made so far. In case of modification, we will make a new estimation considering the changes.

Price Does Not Include:


  • Airfare and airport/bus station taxes (in some hybrid tours are included)*
  • Entrance Ticket to the National Park (in some hybrid tours are included)*
  • Rent of mules (in some hybrid tours are included)*
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks not considered on the regular menu
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Items not on the regular menu
  • Entertainment not included in the itinerary
  • Health, accident or baggage insurance
  • Optional gratuities to inn staff and assistant guide

*each trek/hike tour or hybrid one are sui generis, so that means each budget quotation  built by Thaqqinaqqa Uñjjatiri Tour Operator will be consult to the potential clients before present the offer depending on the route, as much longer tour they want, and explicit needs that they will required.


We strongly encourage you to take an insurance from your countries such items as baggage, emergency evacuation, health, or accidents.

The rates of quoted services can be modified at anytime if the Peruvian Government changes the subsidy to gasoline and/or diesel and/or if there are significant changes in the exchange rate dollar-peruvian sol.

It is understood that undertaking treks, tours or any other form of tourist activities, as expeditions, jungle tours or any other trip arranged by Thaqqinaqqa Uñjjatiri Tour Operator, involves certain risks and dangers. These risks include but are not limited to:

  • Traveling on mountain terrain, dunes, on rivers and in forests and jungle.
  • Travel by car, bus, 4WD, boat, canoe, rafts, or any other means of conveyance.
  • Accidents or illnesses in remote regions with little or no medical facilities and without means of paid evacuation.
  • Accidents caused by nature forces.
  • Changes in itinerary or cancellation of tours due to reasons beyond our control.

Due to climate and road conditions (specially on the rainy season Dec. Jan. Feb. & March), routes and hotel reservations can sometimes be changed without notice, reason why the detailed itineraries are only for reference, and are not to be taken as exact itineraries of what the tour implies.


From the moment you register/booked for an excursion with Thaqqinaqqa Uñjjatiri Tour Operator, all details of your vacation and transfers are personally handled by an owner/guide, so that you can unwind and focus on the spectacular scenery before you. Clients are picked up at the airport/bus station and dropped off at tourist stop/hotels/hostels. Accommodations at quaint family-owned inns—all with hot showers—are included in the price, as are breakfast, lunch and dinner each day. Picnicking is served at the river banks  along the trails. We are also happy to make arrangements for special dietary requirements, and can assist with travel plans before and during your holidays

Thaqqinaqqa Uñjjatiri Tour Operator offers different trek options.

Our hikes are structured to provide options for all abilities. You have a choice between an easy or more strenuous hike, each led by Johselm(link al FB) with support from one of our highly qualified assistant guides. The options are presented during the city tour or via video call based on a printed document.

Most hikes conclude in the afternoon, leaving time to explore the  small village/surroundings or just a relaxing nap, followed by an evening of fine dining and camaraderie in the cozy inn.

For those who opt for the self-designed/tailor made/individual or hybrid tour, we will work to customize/personalize a vacation experience to suite your taste, and offer assistance with planning additional excursions.


Nineteen years of experience and leading hikers in the rugged, Andes has taught us that hiking is just one part of the journey. Accommodations are just as important. To make your visit into the wilderness  mountains of the Andes as comfortable as possible, we have selected small basic but cozy, family-owned and operated inns. All of our  inns in the colca area, titicaca lake, cusco & the dry forest offer hot showers, self-consumption regional sowing for a Typical Andean cuisine, and friendly staff. We take great pride in our selection of accommodations and have built long-lasting relationships with the owners of our inns, developing sustainable/eco/the enhancing intercultural exchange/social supportting/ & ethnic identity rescue tourism with the locals involving them on to millenarial-ancient activities as natural medicine (Herbal Remedies Lessons) & the guinny pig experience, avoiding them from getting lost at all and then sharing THEM WITH YOU! from first hand.

Routes, Transfer & Ground Transportation

Each guest on our tours could choose private or shared transportation as also the route, budget quotation for the trekking tour will depend on their choice. Of course that private transportation give you lot of flexibility.

Transfer from bus station or airport is included, so approx time of arriving, name of the bus company or flight number are required from our guests.


Lunches, breakfast and dinners are included in the tour package. Typical Trekking breakfast items include two sandwiches of crumbled chicken breast mixed in a smashed avocado puree cream with mayonnaise, seasonal fruits, aloe drinks,  and mango juice(specially the first day of our trekking tours) or pancakes with bananas and chocolate fudge or rolls of corn bread woodfire cooked. In some small villages is possible find out  hot quinua/kiwicha beverages (these old infusion drinks came from ancient civilizations even more ancient than the Quechuas risen before as an Empire ) instead of cofee/tea. All our family-run inns take great pride in the preparation and presentation of seasonal typical andean meals  featuring a variety of local  cuisine. Guests who request a vegetarian, vegan or flexitarian  lunch experience will be pleasantly surprised by the lots of vegetables sorts of our peruvian cultivation lands.

Picnics are taken at the bank of the rivers or streams that comes from the snowmelts. Our guests are usually astonished by the offers and quality of the picnic appetizers(hungarian salame/jamon serrano/green watermelon/local bread/blue cheese or smoked cheese) that may be enjoyed in these remote retreats. Lunches are usually be accompained with round golden pineapple slices.

For extended trekking tours, meals will be designed following customers taste.

For Andean delicateses as : grilled tinamou, tinamou`s scrambled eggs on potato starch “chuño” consult to Johselm.

Protecting our stomach walls, serving to avoid gastritis and ulcers, Chuño is just the frozen potatoe and then dehydrated by sun exposure.  And Tunta is the frozen potatoe and soaked for the removal of its bitter compounds, subsequently dried by sun exposure. BOTH are Potatoe Starch.

Tunta(White Potatoe Starch) and Chuño(Black Potatoe Starch) are characterized by their unique flavor in local dishes, it has important nutritional qualities, such as being an important source of calcium and iron, and high caloric content. Tunta is better known as “chuño blanco” by the people from Lima.

Are the basis of the diet of the Andean population and one of its few sources of economic incomes. However, its consumption on big cities is still restricted due to city bias against indigenous products.

Tour Escort-Guide

On the tourist high season we will need a  tour escort-guide who will meet you after your arriving, and will escort you during the transfers to the treks/hikes starting points or short tours. Also on the wayback to your hotel/hostels after the tour.

In the other hand, for long treks we always use a Local Tour Escort-Guide (local guide from the área, people from the villages near to our routes on a timetable rotatively designed by themselves) as a second hand and as the right hand for our Guides but as main reason for the enhancing of local social economic status and for a equal spreading of the incomes among the local inhabitants.

It is to considered for trekking tours on the skill levels of: extreme trekkers and extreme crazy trekkers, that for the achievement of those tours, participants must enjoy a good! physical fitness, which must be confirmed before purchase of the same, if they have knee surgeries or injuries with a length of less than four years without therapy and recovery ….. then this is NOT FOR YOU! just as should be informed about their feeding behaviour ….. if they have allergies ( gluten allergy, nuts, fish, nuts, pollen, etc.)

Vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians DO NOT represent any inconvenience! 

We suggest: 


  • sunscreen up to SPF50 essential!,
  • hat/cup,
  • hiking boots,
  • long compression socks,
  • shorts/trekking pants/trousers with leg zippers,
  • a pair of technical walking sticks/poles,
  • 3 t-shirts, fleece,
  • warm jacket,
  • water 0.5 liter for night trip,
  • 2-3 chocolate bars,
  • dryed fruit … NOT PEANUTS! or similars,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • sandals/flip flops,
  • swimwear/bathing suits,
  • towel,
  • tubular handkerchief/buff to block dust,
  • sunglasses,
  • small binoculars,
  • foreheadlamps/torches/flash lights,
  • power bank.

 FOR THE RAINY SEASON (Dec / Jan. / Feb. / Mar.).

  • sunscreen up to SPF50 essential!,
  • hat/cup,
  • waterproof hiking boots essential!,
  • long compression stockings essential!,
  • shorts/trekking pants/trousers with leg zippers,
  • a pair of TECHNICAL WALKING STICKS essential!,
  • 4 T-SHIRTS,
  • Rain poncho essential!,
  • warm jacket,
  • dryed fruit … NOT PEANUTS! or similars,
  • water 0.5 l. for night trip,
  • 2-3 chocolate bars,
  • mosquito repellent,
  • sandals/flip flops,
  • bathing suits,
  • towel,
  • handkerchief tubular against dust/buff,
  • sunglasses,
  • small binoculars ,
  • head lamps
  • power bank.


Be aware that:

  • In the DRY SEASON, the time for Condor spotting is earlier than 8:00 am.
  • In the RAINY SEASON, the time for Condor spotting is approx. 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and they are few in number due to migration to the coast of Ica and the Ballestas Islands.
  • The best time to visit Colca Canyon is from third week of April to second week of May, everything is green, stunning landscapes even though from April to November it is doable too., no more rain, good weather a little bit fresh but nice.
  • Colca Canyon one of the 7 natural wonders and the 2nd world deepest canyon.
  • There are some hotels and hostels based on Colca Valley that is complete different and far 46kms away from the canyon so doing hikes in the Colca Valley is doable BUT are NOT the trekking into the Canyon.
  • The condor cross look out point is just the gorge/entrance of the Canyon is not the canyon itself & overcrowded!.
  • Going to Cabanaconde doesn’t make sence a day before for starting your tours, you will lose a entire day instead to explore Arequipa.
  • Beware! Most of the hotels/hostels are not allow by Tourism Ministry of Peru to sell or offer tour packages. But as they do it on a illegal way behind their doors washing money.
  • Beware! Most of the companies/agencies/hotels/hostels saying that they are really SOCIAL CONCIOUS or ECO CONCIOUS …are not!, plundering and taking advantage from local native people as their fear will not say to you the truth because to find a job on the Andes mountains IS NOT EASY!.
  • Beware! If offered to you all info is because there is MISSRESPECT to professional ethics/moral code/ rights and wrongs/business standars of behavior/enhancing and sustainability of the sorrounding people involved on these services.
  • Beware! Trekking Tour Career began in all whole Peru since 2006 and not before!
  • Going to Cabanaconde is not a just visiting a different way; saying they will use local guides but a French guy and a Colombian or Jamaican with no proper ID card (illegals) …. That for sure is not quite honest!, you WILL NOT! Help with the incomes to the people there, BECAUSE the proceeds/money you will spend will not be distributed equitably among the local population but will help monopoly/dumping( it often endangers the financial viability of the product’s manufacturers or service producers in the importing nation, as a practice of selling a product in a foreign market at an unfairly low price (a price that is lower than the cost in the home market, or which is lower than the cost of production) in order to gain a competitive advantage over other suppliers. Dumping is considered an unfair trade practice under GATT and World Trade Organization agreements. It is regulated by national government(… but Peru has no regulations yet) through the imposition of anti-dumping duties, in some cases calculated to equal the difference between the product´s/services´ price in the importing and the exporting country.) and the promotion(or increasing) of unemployment, blocking new jobs opportunities, the abandonment of villages, youth migration and the future Andean peoples extinction due to this “outlander investors” (even peruvians which are not from the regions indeed where the services will be done); so we encourage highly to you at all to TIP local people involved during our services, in which they will be cooking for us, or guiding as scort local tour guides on short hikes or just helping taking care of the mules, etc; even being well payed …… this will be as an stimulus/driving force for their growth.

Payment of the tour is taken as acknowledgment and agreement of the above mentioned terms.


For those joining us for a memorable trekking excursion who wish to venture farther afield, Thaqqinaqqa Uñjjatiri Tour Operator offers a guided or hybrid tour options that let you customize/personalize/tailor made or pre-design of your trip with us. Think of it as the freedom of independent exploration without the hassle of planning. An interview process, at least one day before the trek during the city tour allows us to assess, structure and design supplementary travel based on personality, feeding behaviours(omnivores, vegetarians, vegans & flexitarians tooo!!!), interest, and fitness level.

We handle all booking arrangements for your excursions, and can extend your tour at a much better rate than you would find otherwise. Whether you want to go mountaineering on the Andes or stroll the Astonishing: Rain Amazon Forest, Titicaca Lake or the Dry Forest, we can accommodate so that all you have to worry about is taking it all in.

For Colca Canyon at least 2 motnhs in advance, for Choquequirao; Choqueuequirao-Machupicchu; Route of the Fruit; Route of the Fish and other longer trek plz! At least 6 months in advance.

Last names:
Nº participants (PAX/PAXS) & ages:
Passport Numbers:
Approx. date of arriving:
Tour dates:
Feeding behaviour:


Message &  info requirements: Trekking Fitness Skill level







Procedure way for booking:

We always ask for the 50% down payment in advance for confirm your booking, so procedure will be as follows: payment of the amount required via WESTERN UNION (online, or ….. nowadays there are WU agents all over the world; we can also provide to you a closer WU agent address near to you). Send us the MTCN code on a picture to our and as the same way we will send to you an invoice confirming 100% your booking in no more than 48hrs most of the time in a couple of hours or minutes; detailed info will send via e-mail (also in the case of a bank account money transfer)once you will accept the deal.


A descriptive brochure/detailed itinerary will be sent to each tour member after booking.